TetraPond Growth Food for Koi

Brand: Tetra

Product Code: 11632

Tetrapond Growth Fish Food is the ideal summerpond koi food for maximum growth, as it is a complete food with additional protein and energy for growth. During periods of warmer weather, koi carp and other pond fish are more active, have a greater capacity to grow and tend to eat more pond fish food. In order to fulfil this increased growth potential of your pond fish, and to support their increased metabolism, koi benefit from a higher protein and energy level in their diet, which you can do by feeding them Tetra Growth pond fish food.

Tetrapond Growth floating sticks contain all nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements for a balanced, healthy diet, whilst a low waste formula promotes clean, clear pond water and softens the koi sticks quickly for easy eating.

These Tetra Growth koi food sticks are rich in highly digestible protein for growth, which is carefully balanced with extra energy to minimise waste. Although this pond fish food is designed with koi carp in mind, its also great for all other pond fish, such as goldfish, shubunkins, sarasas and many more.

You can buy TetraPond Growth Food from us, alternatively please see our range of Pond Fish Food.

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TetraPond Growth Food for koi - 270g (11632-001)
£5.29 Available In stock
TetraPond Growth Food for Koi - 1200g (11632-002)
£17.59 Available In stock
TetraPond Growth Food for Koi - 2200g (11632-003)
£27.79 Available In stock

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